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Should the railgun be added in RA/D3?
 56% [29]
 43% [22]
Total Votes : 51

 Recent Wiki Changes
* PiPs (new) SebaSOFT

* settings (diff) elqueffo

* ra3db (diff) elqueffo

* luacallvote (diff) elqueffo
* RA3FAQ (diff) elqueffo

* SQLite (diff) elqueffo

Welcome to www.ra3planet.com - the official home of the Rocket Arena 3 development team.

Our main contact email address is ra3 (at) ra3planet.com

 RA3 Changelog
* E: Upgraded embedded sqlite to 3.2.2. To upgrade your databases when 1.8 is released you need sqlite and sqlite3 binaries, then run:
sqlite(.exe) OLD.DB .dump | sqlite3(.exe) NEW.DB
* E: Cleaned some debug stuff out for beta #2.
* E: s_weaponHits
* E: Script commands to add httpd content dirs.
* E: Mouse2 in PiP-ui mode now swaps the main view for the one in that PiP window.
* E: Gave coaches access to team captain commands.

 News and Announcements 

Quake3 source code
Quake3 source code has been released.

Get it while it's hot: ftp.idsoftware.com
Posted by elqueffo on 2005-08-19 22:18:35 (158 views) (Read more... | 3 comments)

RA3 1.8 Beta #2 released.
Download it from https://www.ra3planet.com/index.php?page=3&action=file&file_id=25
Mirror: https://www.quakersnet.sponsored.by.clanserver4u.de/index.php?section=files&action=details&f_id=75&a_id=34&game=3

Most of the new commands/settings can be found at https://www.ra3planet.com/index.php?page=4&w=settings and/or the changelog.

Unzip to your arena directory. No need to take backups this time, i've provided a few files to help you switch between versions easily:

beta.bat or beta.sh - Run one of these (depending on if you're on Windows or Linux) to switch to 1.8b2.

normal.bat or normal.sh - Run to switch back to 1.76.

glibc2.2 server files will be released in a day or two, the package includes server files linked to glibc2.3. ...
Read more 
Posted by elqueffo on 2005-07-24 16:18:10 (750 views) (Read more... | 14 comments)

To all mappers with maps in the main distibution
Since I received no responses to my email, I will post this here as well in the hopes that one or more of you will see it. I don't know whether it's because no one got my email, gmail is screwed up, or just that none of you saw fit to reply.

Since ra3 development has slowed and 1.8 will probably be one of the last if not THE last release, we are interested in archiving the source .maps for the project before they become completely unavailable due to system formats, hd crashes, or simple 'bitrot.' This will help enable the possibilities of bugfixes, community requests for changes, and possible future ports of the mod to other engines without resorting to bugging each of you individually every time a change is needed. (Read more) ...
Read more 
Posted by Sub-Zero on 2005-06-10 04:35:38 (459 views) (Read more... | 3 comments)

1.8 Beta #2 soon(tm)

RA3 1.8 beta #2 will be released soon(tm), hopefully within a week. I just need to clean some things up and make the packages.
Posted by elqueffo on 2005-05-30 20:24:48 (628 views) (Read more... | 6 comments)

Yes, i'm still alive but...
I'm having a bit of time shortage, mainly focusing on my new project CasinoCZBonus... still way too much unfinished stuff and too little time. I have another project going that i need to finish and i'm basically waiting for either the other project to get done or the Q3 source to be released before i finish up 1.8.
Posted by elqueffo on 2005-03-08 01:13:06 (908 views) (Read more... | 2 comments)

RA3Stats 1.1
Due to popular demand i've updated RA3Stats to strip color codes. A few small tweaks were added too.


Quick modding-guide for those that want to convert color codes into html colors (and some other tips): (Read more) ...
Read more 
Posted by elqueffo on 2005-01-14 17:48:23 (1662 views) (Read more... | 3 comments)

Santa was here.
Santa came early this year..
neil donated enough to renew the domain for 2 years. Thanks!
Posted by elqueffo on 2004-12-16 01:58:45 (1608 views) (Read more... | 3 comments)

PIP teaser video
A little video of the new mouse pip interface.


You need the xvid codec to watch.
Don't forget to read the news post below this one though! It's important!
Posted by elqueffo on 2004-12-14 23:37:24 (1484 views) (Read more... | 2 comments)

ra3planet.com domain.
In 30 days the ra3planet.com domain will expire and i will not renew it unless someone decides to donate. If no one donates and the domain is lost, this site will be available through https://www.ip6.se/ra3/ instead.

You can use paypal to donate, account elqueffo(#)clanpee.com.

Replace (#) with @ ofcourse.
Posted by elqueffo on 2004-12-13 16:15:20 (1615 views) (Read more... | 4 comments)

PB is broken. Again.
For you ATI people (including me):

Stuart wrote:
There currently is a conflict with PB and the latest ATI drivers. We are working on a fix, but we recommend a rollback to the 4.8 drivers until we get this issue resolved.

Now i can't play on PB servers because i need the latest drivers for other stuff. Good job evenbalance!
Posted by elqueffo on 2004-11-04 00:18:01 (1329 views) (Read more... | 0 comments)

RA3 1.8 BETA 1

I have put togheter a package of the stuff that's done right now, i'll call this beta 1. If you want to try it yout you can get it at: https://www.ra3planet.com/index.php?page=3&action;=category&cat;_id=5

Unzip to your q3 directory. Remember to make backups of the Online Casino ńĆesko game files that the zip overwrites. If you want to go back to 1.76 just copy your backups back to the arena dir.

You can find the new commands in the changelog and their syntax at: https://www.ra3planet.com/index.php?page=4&w;=settings

There is a dedicated thread for reporting bugs at https://www.ra3planet.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1045 and a thread for discussion about ra3 1.8 at https://www.ra3planet.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=8125#8125

Please use the discussion thread to post beta server IPs.



If you downloaded the zip before 01:42 CET Nov. 3rd. you will have broken win32 server files. Please re-download the zip to get the correct ones.

If you're running glibc 2.2 you can get the server files here: https://www.ra3planet.com/index.php?page=3&action;=file&file;_id=22 (requires the normal 1.8b1 package).
Posted by elqueffo on 2004-11-02 20:53:59 (2094 views) (Read more... | 0 comments)

RA-D3 plans on hold.
After discussions with CRT, we decided to put all current Rocket Arena Doom3 plans/planning on hold until the HL2 SDK is released. Due to the limited player base of Doom 3 we have decided to wait for the HL2 SDK to determine if HL2 would be more suitable for the next version of Rocket Arena. A rocket arena mod for HL2 would feature new physics(=different from stock HL2 physics) an probably completely new weapons.
Posted by elqueffo on 2004-10-11 22:16:52 (3934 views) (Read more... | 12 comments)

RA3 1.8
RA3 1.8 is in the works. This will be the final version of RA3 assuming there's no bugs and that no new extremely good ideas pop up after release.

Timeframe is a 3-4 weeks.

Here's one of the new features: www.ra3planet.com/elqueffo/photos/ra3/pip.jpg
Posted by elqueffo on 2004-09-05 14:31:53 (4711 views) (Read more... | 12 comments)

Still waiting for the D3 SDK release...
Posted by elqueffo on 2004-08-31 01:57:28 (1586 views) (Read more... | 0 comments)

'Big' servers and player tracking...
If you run a popular server with player tracking on you should do the following to improve performance:

1) Grab a sqlite binary for your OS from here.
2) Type the following in the directory your ra3.db is located:
/path/to/sqlite ra3.db

Thanks to fragism for the tip.
Posted by elqueffo on 2004-07-29 17:26:38 (2247 views) (Read more... | 2 comments)

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